"One should say before sleeping, "I have lived many lives. I have been a slave and a prince. Many a beloved had sat upon my knees and I have sat upon the knees of many a beloved. Everything that has been shall be again.""

- W.B. Yeats from an essay (via violentwavesofemotion)

"Ma dernière cendre sera plus chaude que leurs vies."

- Marina Tsvetaieva (via fleurs-du-bien)

"Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love."

- Marc Chagall  (via artnet)

"Be with me always — take any form — drive me mad! I can not live without my life! I can not live without my soul!"

- Emily Brontë, from Wuthering Heights (via violentwavesofemotion)

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"Until the whole world is free to agree with you or disagree with you, until you have given the freedom to everyone to like you or not like you, to love you or hate you, to see things as you see them, or to see things differently - until you have given the whole world its freedom - you’ll never have your freedom."

- Adyashanti, Meditation Masters  (via a-femmefatalist)

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